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Indiana Mobile Sports Privacy PolicyWe, the collective creators of, are a small team of researchers, handicappers, authors and editors on a mission to share our knowledge of Indiana’s newly regulated betting market. But we aren’t here to talk about us.

We’re writing this today to tell you about how our website,, uses certain protocols to make your experience of navigating each page more interactive and pleasant. This page is dedicated to you, your privacy, and most importantly, how we work to protect that privacy each and every time you browse our pages.

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

What personal data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do (or don’t do) with it.


For our visitors: Should you choose to leave a comment on our website, you are opting in to saving your name, email address, and/or website information in the form of cookies. All cookies collected by our website are designed to stay in effect for exactly one year from the date created. By storing cookies, you are able to return to our website and leave additional comments, without having to fill out your information (name, email, website) again. In short, our cookies provide you a delightful, time-saving convenience, capable of auto-populating forms.

If you would prefer to remove cookies after visiting our website (or any other cookie-enabled website, for that matter), you can do so at any time. The following link, provided by the University of Indiana Knowledge Base, will teach you How to Clear your Web Browser’s Cache, Cookies, and History from any major browser; computer or mobile. 

For our editors: Upon each login attempt, a temporary cookie is set to test whether or not your browser accepts cookies. This cookies does not contain or collect any other data, and is automatically deleted when your browser is closed. When you login to our website, several cookies may be set to save your login information. Each login cookie lasts for two days, while screen option cookies last for one year. If you select ‘Remember Me’ when logging in, your login credentials will remain intact for two weeks. All login related cookies are deleted if and when you choose to log out.

Publishing or editing any article while logged in will create an additional cookie. It contains no personal data. It is used to indicate the post ID of the published/edited article, and expires the next day.


When our visitors (that’s you) leave a comment on one of our pages, we collect the data you provide us in the comments form. At the same time, we collect the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string, which helps us to detect and prevent spam.

We may also collect an anonymized string (a.k.a. hash) that is created from your email address, if you provide one. If collected, this hash may be provided to the Gravatar service to see if your email is associated with a Gravatar profile. The Gravatar service has its own privacy policy, which you can view here ( Gravatar is a service that allows users to create a profile, then automatically attaches that profile (nickname and image) to any comments you share on other websites that employ the Gravatar service (such as this one). If you’re not familiar with it, you probably don’t have a Gravatar profile.


We advise you do not link or upload any images to this website that include embedded location data (EXIF GPS). Any visitor to this website is capable of downloading images and, with the right know-how, extracting any location data from them. We have no control over this, and cannot be held liable for any incident that may occur due to image data extraction. You can learn more about the dangers of EXIF GPS Data on Consumer Reports.

Embedded content from other websites

There may be articles on this website that contain embedded media content (images, videos, text content) from other websites. Such materials will behave as if you’ve visited the other website from which they are embedded. Other websites may collect data and/or cookies, or may embed media from additional third-party sources. Please be aware that their privacy and data tracking policies may be different from ours.

How long we retain your data

Should you choose to leave a comment on our website, the comment and its metadata will be retained indefinitely. This helps us to recognize and approve any additional comments, or follow-up responses, you may submit in the future, rather than holding them in our moderator’s queue for approval.

We do not currently accept user registrations on our website. Should that change, we will update our policy to reflect how personal profile and registration data will be stored and protected, and who would have access to it.

What rights you have over your data

If you’ve left comments on this website, it is your right to request an export file containing all of the data we hold about you. This will include all data you’ve provided to us during your commentary. You may also request that we permanently delete any personal data we hold about you, so long as that data does not fall under any mandatory obligation to be retained for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Where we send your data

Visitor comments are sifted through an automated spam detection service before reaching our moderator’s queue.

How we protect your data

If or when we are holding any of your information, you can rest assured it will be kept safe and secure at all times. Only the absolute highest owners of this website will be able to access that information. We will never use it for any of our marketing purposes, nor will it ever be given, traded, leased or sold to any third-party.

Affiliates & Partners

Our website provides its services free of charge. We do not offer paid or premium subscription services. To ensure our ability to continue providing this service, employing the best writers, researchers, editors and other required staff, we have teamed up with a number of partner companies that compensate us to advertise for them, providing leads, impressions, clicks, and other forms of user interactivity. Beyond this mutually beneficial agreement, has no tangible connection to these companies. By providing links to their services, we are in no way endorsing their use. We cannot and will not be held liable for anything that happens when a visitor of accesses a partner website or service outside our website.

Please be advised that the terms within this privacy policy only extend to the materials provided by us, on our website. They do not apply to the websites or services of our affiliates and partners. Upon entering another website, we would encourage you to observe any terms associated with it.  

Your Consent to These Terms

Your continued access of this website, including any and all pages within, constitutes your consent to the terms of this privacy policy. If you do not wish to consent to these terms, please leave the website by closing the browser, and do not return to until which time you are willing to give consent.

Our Right to Amend

We reserve the right to amend the terms of this agreement if and when we feel it’s appropriate to do so. We are not a membership-based service, nor do we offer a periodical to our regular visitors, meaning we have no way of contacting you to inform you of changes to this policy. Therefore, we are under no obligation to notify you of changes to its context. If such changes occur, they will be made without prior consent. However, should we make any changes, including (but not limited to) grammatical corrections, changes to the cookie policy, or alterations to the privacy policy, we will publish the date of the last update at the top of this page. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically to observe any potential changes. Your continued use of the website after the posting of an update constitutes your consent to any updated terms. 

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day!

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