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Help! My Identity Verification Failed

What to do if Sportsbook Identity Verification has Failed

What to do When Your Sportsbook Identity Verification has FailedWhen Indiana legislatures scripted and passed laws to legalize and regulate online sports betting in the state, they made sure to incorporate strict guidelines to thwart attempts at identity fraud and underage gambling. They did so by requiring each and every would-be bettor go through an identity verification process. It’s not a difficult one to complete, but it is a very difficult one to pass if you’re not eligible to use the service, or if you aren’t who you say you are.

In general, anyone who qualifies to bet online in Indiana should have no trouble verifying their identity by simply following the instructions provided by the sportsbook. But sometimes, things get mixed up, for one reason or another. The following context is designed to help you out if your identity verification failed.

Help! My Sportsbooks ID Verification has Failed

If you are genuinely eligible to bet on sports via Indiana’s mobile betting market and, after completing the verification process, you received a message like the one below, we’ll cover all the steps you can take to resolve the problem.

Identity Check
Identity verification has failed, please check the data provided.

If you get a message like this one, don’t worry. It usually means that something was either entered wrong on your form, or that the system cannot verify your address as it’s been typed. Here’s all the steps you can take to fix it, in order of most likely problem/solution.

Grammatical Error in Name, Address or Other Personal Info

The most likely cause is a simple typographical error. Take a look at the form below, captured from Indiana’s BetRivers Sportsbook.

What to do When Your Sportsbook Identity Verification has Failed

Here we see the ID verification of one Ms Anita Quikficks has been rejected. At the top, we see the ‘Field to review’ is listed as “Street Address’. This tells us that, most likely, the street address is either typed wrong, or cannot be verified as typed. Odds are, this could be fixed by simply changing “123 E. Failed St” to “123 East Failed St”. Or, maybe there’s a postal address for 123A and 123B, and the appropriate one needs to be specified.

Look closely at this and all other sections of the form to ensure every bit of information is correct before resubmitting. You’ll notice that this form states the user has “6 attempts remaining”. If you repeatedly resubmit this form until you’ve run out of attempts, you will need to contact customer support for further assistance.

If a simple typographical error is not the issue, do not continue submitting the form, as there are other problems that could be causing the issue.

Nickname / Recent Name Change

Do you have a nickname? Maybe you go by Bill, but your real name is William, or you’re a Margaret that goes by Peggy. You must enter your name as it appears on your government issued ID, or it’s not likely to be accepted on the verification form.

Another possible problem is if you’ve undergone a recent name change. Maybe you got married or divorced in the last year or so? The name you supply needs to match the name the state of Indiana has on file. Consider the last time you filed taxes, for example. If your name now is different from your name then, try entering the name you filed taxes under.

Recent Address Change

Just like the nickname/name change issues described above, it’s possible that the state of Indiana has a past address on file. If you’ve recently moved, but have yet to change the address on your driver’s license, or file any other government documents like taxes with the new address, try entering your previous address on the verification form.

When all else fails…

You’re going to have to contact customer support. Live chat or telephone is best, where available. They should be able to pin-point the problem and walk you through a quick solution.


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